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Dacus chiwira(DACUCH)


General information
  • Name: AB00502812
Metadata available
General information - specimen description
Other specimen identifier BOLD Process ID: [JTB038-12](https://www.boldsystems.org/index.php/Public_RecordView?processid=JTB038-12)
Stage of the specimen adult
Sampling - Origin
Country of sampling Mozambique
Sampling - When
Sampling/isolation date 01-Mar-2009
Sampling - Who
Collector name White, J.A.
Name/number given by the collector 1617
Identification - General
Identified by Marc De Meyer
Info on Collection
General information on the collection
Contact organisation Royal Museum for Central Africa
Contact person Marc De Meyer
Collection information specific to the specimen
Number in collection AB00502812

DNA Sequences
Title Locus
AB00502812_COI CO1 view...