A database to support plant pest diagnostic activities

How to contribute to EPPO-Q-bank

• Contribute by submiting sequencing data of strains/isolates/specimens available in collections

To submit data to EPPO-Q-bank, please contact the curators of the related discipline (https://qbank.eppo.int/contact). The curators will consider the added value of the inclusion of the new data in EPPO-Q-bank if specific requirements are met. 

The general requirements for the addition of new data into EPPO-Q-bank are available here: EPPO-Q-bank requirements

The general minimum metadata that are needed to upload data into EPPO-Q-bank are available here: EPPO-Q-bank minimum metadata

• Contribute by providing feedback on the content and tools of EPPO-Q-bank

Feedback can be provided using the following contact form: https://qbank.eppo.int/contact

• Contribute by becoming a curator of EPPO-Q-bank

EPPO-Q-bank curators ensure the quality of the sequences available into EPPO-Q-bank. The main tasks of EPPO-Q-bank curators are listed here: Curator tasks description

We are looking for new curators, in particular in the field of mycology and nematology.