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Ditylenchus dipsaci(DITYDI)


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Basic information
  • EPPO code: DITYDI
  • Preferred name: Ditylenchus dipsaci
  • Authority: (Kuehn) Filipjev

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Anguillulina dipsaci Kuehn
Ditylenchus allii (Beijerinck) Tarjan
Ditylenchus fragariae Kirjanova
Ditylenchus phloxidis Kirjanova
Tylenchus allii Beijerinck
Tylenchus devastator (Kuehn) Oerley
Tylenchus dipsaci (Kuehn) Bastian

Common names
Name Language
stængelnematod Danish
Rübenkopfälchen German
Stengelälchen German
Stockälchen German
bloat disease of onion English
brown ring disease of hyacinth English
bulb eelworm English
ring disease of bulbs English
stem and bulb eelworm English
stem and bulb nematode English
stem nematode English
acebollado del centeno Spanish
anguilulosis de la avena Spanish
cebollino del centeno Spanish
nematodo de la cebolla Spanish
varsiankeroinen Finnish
anguillule commune des tiges French
anguillule des céreales et des bulbes French
avoine poireautée French
nématode des bulbes French
nématode des tiges French
seigle oignonné French
anguillula delle piante erbacee Italian
kuki-sentyubyo Japanese
nami-kuki-sentyu Japanese
クキセンチュビョ Japanese
ナミクキセンチュ Japanese
stengelaaltje Dutch
stengelnematode Norwegian
stjälknematod Swedish
sogan sak nematodo Turkish
Kingdom Animalia ( 1ANIMK )
Phylum Nematoda ( 1NEMAP )
Class Chromadorea ( 1CHROC )
Order Rhabditida ( 1RHABO )
Family Anguinidae ( 1ANGUF )
Genus Ditylenchus ( 1DITYG )
Species Ditylenchus dipsaci ( DITYDI )