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Anoplophora glabripennis(ANOLGL)


General information
  • Name: EURL_AG001
Metadata available
General information - specimen description
Stage of the specimen adult
Sex of the specimen male
Additional information on the specimen Collection of infested wood pieces, rearing to adult beetles in Vienna at BFW
Sampling - Origin
Country of sampling Italy
Sampling - Substrate from which the specimen / isolate / strain was isolated or collected
Matrix/Substrate type Infested wood pieces
Scientific name of the plant or vector n/a
Sampling - When
Sampling/isolation date 2011-May to August
Sampling - Who
Collector name Ute Hoyer-Tomiczek
Name/number given by the collector n/a
Identification - General
Identified by Ute Hoyer-Tomiczek & Christa Lethmayer
Identification date 2011-May to August
Identification method morphological
Info on Collection
General information on the collection
Collection name EURL insects and mites
Contact organisation AGES
Contact person Christa Lethmayer
Contact email This information is not accessible for GDPR reason
Website https://eurl-insects-mites.anses.fr/
Collection information specific to the specimen
Date of deposit in collection
Deposited by (name) Christa Lethmayer

DNA Sequences
Title Locus
EURL_0109_21_AGES_COI CO1 view...