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Ambrosia artemisiifolia(AMBEL)


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Basic information
  • EPPO code: AMBEL
  • Preferred name: Ambrosia artemisiifolia
  • Authority: Linnaeus

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ambrosia artemisiifolia var. elatior (Linnaeus) Desrousseaux
Ambrosia elatior Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
пелинолистната амброзия Bulgarian
ambrozie peřenolistá Czech
ambrozie vyvýšená Czech
bynkeambrosie Danish
Ambrosie German
aufrrechtes Traubenkraut German
Beifußambrosie German
beifußblättrige Ambrosie German
beifußblättriges Traubenkraut German
Beifußtraubenkraut German
hohe Ambrosie German
hohes Traubenkraut German
wermutblättrige Ambrosie German
American wormwood English
annual ragweed English
bitterweed English
carrotweed English
common ragweed English
hogweed English
low ragweed English
ragweed English
Roman ragweed English
Roman wormwood English
short ragweed English
small ragweed English
altamisa Spanish (HN)
amargosa Spanish (HN)
ambrosia Spanish
estafiate Spanish (HN)
marco marco Spanish (BO)
tomatillo Spanish (CL)
pujulehine ambroosia Estonian
marunatuoksukki Finnish
absinthe du Canada French
absinthe du pays French
ambroisie à feuilles d'armoise French
ambroisie élevée French
ambrosie à feuilles d'armoise French
herbe à poux French
pelinolisni limundžik Croatian
parlagfű Hungarian
ürömlevelű parlagfű Hungarian
ambrosia Italian
ambrosia con foglie di artemisia Italian
butakusa Japanese
ブタクサ Japanese
돼지풀 Korean
dwae ji pul Korean
kietinė ambrozija Lithuanian
vērmeļlapu ambrozija Latvian
alsemambrosia Dutch
beiskambrosia Norwegian
ambrozja bylicolistna Polish
ambrozja bylicowata Polish
ambrósia Portuguese
ambrósia-americana Portuguese (BR)
ambrósia-anual Portuguese
losna-do-campo Portuguese
ambrozie pelinofolie Romanian
амброзия полыннолистная Russian
ambrózia palinolistá Slovak
ambrózia vyššia Slovak
ambrozia gjethepelini Albanian
пеленаста амброзија Serbian
malörtsambrosia Swedish
arsız zaylan Turkish
амброзія полинолиста Ukrainian
tún cǎo Chinese
豚草 Chinese
Kingdom Plantae ( 1PLAK )
Phylum Magnoliophyta ( 1MAGP )
Class Angiospermae ( 1ANGC )
Category Campanulids ( 1CMPD )
Order Asterales ( 1ASTO )
Family Asteraceae ( 1COMF )
Subfamily Asteroideae ( 1ASTS )
Genus Ambrosia ( 1AMBG )
Species Ambrosia artemisiifolia ( AMBEL )