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Cabomba caroliniana(CABCA)


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Basic information
  • EPPO code: CABCA
  • Preferred name: Cabomba caroliniana
  • Authority: A. Gray

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cabomba caroliniana var. multipartita hortulanorum

Common names
Name Language
Carolina-Haarnixenkraut German
grüne Cabomba German
grüne Haarnixe German
Carolina fanwort English
Carolina water-shield English
green cabomba English (US)
grey fanwort English
purple cabomba English
Washington grass English (US)
cabomba verde Spanish
karkeaviuhkalehti Finnish
cabomba de Caroline French
éventail de Caroline French
fusajunsai Japanese
hagoromomo Japanese
ハゴロモモ Japanese
フサジュンサイ Japanese
어항마름 Korean
eo hang ma reum Korean
waterwaaier Dutch
cabomba-verde Portuguese
кабомба каролинская Russian
kabomba Swedish
karolina-cabomba Swedish
shuǐ dùn cǎo shǔ Chinese
水盾草属 Chinese
Kingdom Plantae ( 1PLAK )
Phylum Magnoliophyta ( 1MAGP )
Class Angiospermae ( 1ANGC )
Category Basal angiosperms ( 1BASD )
Order Nymphaeales ( 1NYMO )
Family Cabombaceae ( 1CABF )
Genus Cabomba ( 1CABG )
Species Cabomba caroliniana ( CABCA )