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Celastrus orbiculatus(CELOR)


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Basic information
  • EPPO code: CELOR
  • Preferred name: Celastrus orbiculatus
  • Authority: Thunberg

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Celastrus articulatus Thunb.
Celastrus insularis Koidz.
Celastrus jeholensis Nakai ex Nakai & Kitag.
Celastrus lancifolia Nakai
Celastrus stephanotiifolius (Makino) Makino
Celastrus strigillosus Nakai
Celastrus tatarinowii Rupr.
Celastrus versicolor Nakai

Common names
Name Language
jesenec okrouhlolistý Czech
rundblättriger Baumwürger German
Asian bittersweet English
Asiatic bittersweet English
Chinese bittersweet English
oriental bittersweet English (US)
round-leaved bittersweet English
staff vine English
bourreau des arbres French
célastre orbiculaire French
keleti fafojtó Hungarian
tsurûmemogoki Japanese
ツルウメモドキ Japanese
노박덩굴 Korean
no bak deong gul Korean
древогубец круглолистный Russian
краснопузырник трубчатолистный Russian
zimokeř okrouhlolistý Slovak
nán shé téng Chinese
南蛇藤 Chinese
Kingdom Plantae ( 1PLAK )
Phylum Magnoliophyta ( 1MAGP )
Class Angiospermae ( 1ANGC )
Category Fabids ( 1FABD )
Order Celastrales ( 1CELO )
Family Celastraceae ( 1CELF )
Genus Celastrus ( 1CELG )
Species Celastrus orbiculatus ( CELOR )