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Fraxinus excelsior(FRXEX)


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Basic information
  • EPPO code: FRXEX
  • Preferred name: Fraxinus excelsior
  • Authority: Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
flagino Aragonese
flaxino Aragonese
fragen Aragonese
frasno Aragonese
freix Aragonese
fresno Aragonese
frexenco Aragonese
планински ясен Bulgarian
freixe de fulla gran Catalan
jasan ztepilý Czech
onnen Welsh
ask Danish
gemeine Esche German
gewöhnliche Esche German
φράξος Greek
ash English
common ash English
European ash English
flagino Spanish
flaxino Spanish
fragen Spanish
fragino Spanish
fraxin Spanish
fresno Spanish
fresno común Spanish
fresno de hoja ancha Spanish
fresno de Vizcaya Spanish
fresno elevado Spanish
fresno europeo Spanish
fresno norteño Spanish
frexo Spanish
harilik saar Estonian
lizarra Basque
lehtosaarni Finnish
frêne à feuilles aiguës French
frêne commun French
frêne élevé French
gaïac des Allemands French
grand frêne French
langue d'oiseau French
quinquina d'Europe French
bijeli jasen Croatian
magas kőris Hungarian
frassino comune Italian
frassino maggiore Italian
구주물푸레 Korean
구주물푸레나무 Korean
gu ju mul pu re Korean
gu ju mul pu re na mu Korean
paprastasis uosis Lithuanian
parastais osis Latvian
gewone es Dutch
ask Norwegian
fraisse Occitan
frèche Occitan
frécho Occitan
frèyche Occitan
herèche Occitan
ràchou Occitan
rachoulet Occitan
jesion wyniosły Polish
freixo-centro-europeu Portuguese
freixo-europeu Portuguese
freixo-vulgar Portuguese
frasin comun Romanian
frasin european Romanian
ясень высокий Russian
ясень обыкновенный Russian
jaseň štíhly Slovak
veliki jesen Slovene
freshër Albanian
бели јасен Serbian
ask Swedish
vanlig ask Swedish
dişbudak Turkish
ясен звичайний Ukrainian
Kingdom Plantae ( 1PLAK )
Phylum Magnoliophyta ( 1MAGP )
Class Angiospermae ( 1ANGC )
Category Lamiids ( 1LAMD )
Order Lamiales ( 1LAMO )
Family Oleaceae ( 1OLEF )
Genus Fraxinus ( 1FRXG )
Species Fraxinus excelsior ( FRXEX )