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Phytolacca americana(PHTAM)


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Basic information
  • EPPO code: PHTAM
  • Preferred name: Phytolacca americana
  • Authority: Linnaeus

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Phytolacca decandra Linnaeus
Phytolacca thyrsiflora Fenzl

Common names
Name Language
американски лаконос Bulgarian
лаконос Bulgarian
raïm de moro Catalan
líčidlo americké Czech
asiatisk kermesbær Danish
amerikanische Kermesbeere German
Scharlachbeere German
Schminkbeere German
αυριοσταφιδα Greek
American poke English
American pokeweed English
common pokeweed English (US)
inkbush English
pigeon berry English
pigeonberry English (AU)
poke English
pokeberry English
Virginian poke English
carmesín de oblea Spanish
espinacas de América Spanish
fitolaca Spanish
grana encarnada Spanish
granilla Spanish
hierba carmín Spanish
ombú Spanish (BO)
tintilla Spanish
uvas de América Spanish
uvas de Indias Spanish
laque French
phytolacca américain French
phytolaque à dix étamines French
phytolaque américaine French
phytolaque d'Amérique French
raisin d'Amérique French
herba carmín Galician
fitolakah amerikanit Hebrew
פִיטוֹלָקָה אָמֵרִיקָנִית Hebrew
američki kermes Croatian
amerikai alkörmös Hungarian
cremesina uva-turca Italian
erba carmesina Italian
fitolacca Italian
uva d'America Italian
uva di colorare Italian
amerika-yama-gobô Japanese
yôshu-yama-gobô Japanese
アメリカヤマゴボウ Japanese
ヨウシユヤマゴボウ Japanese
미국자리공 Korean
mi guk ja ri gong Korean
karmozijnbes Dutch
westerse karmozijnbes Dutch
baga-noiva Portuguese
caruru-de-cacho Portuguese (BR)
erva-dos-cachos-de-Índia Portuguese
erva-dos-cancros Portuguese
fitolaca Portuguese
fruto-de-pombo Portuguese (BR)
gaia-moça Portuguese
tintureira Portuguese
uva-da-América Portuguese
uva-de-tinta Portuguese (BR)
uva-dos-passarinhos Portuguese
uva-dos-tintureiros Portuguese
vermelhão Portuguese
vinagreira Portuguese
cîrmîz Romanian
лаконос американский Russian
líčidlo americké Slovak
navadna barvilnica Slovene
çapezë Albanian
америчка винобоја Serbian
гроздасти кермес Serbian
kermesbär Swedish
şekerciboyası Turkish
лаконос американський Ukrainian
chuí xù shāng liù Chinese
垂序商陆 Chinese
Kingdom Plantae ( 1PLAK )
Phylum Magnoliophyta ( 1MAGP )
Class Angiospermae ( 1ANGC )
Category Basal core eudicots ( 1CEUD )
Order Caryophyllales ( 1CAFO )
Family Phytolaccaceae ( 1PHYF )
Genus Phytolacca ( 1PHTG )
Species Phytolacca americana ( PHTAM )