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Chino del tomate virus(TLCRV0)


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Basic information
  • EPPO code: TLCRV0
  • Preferred name: Chino del tomate virus

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Chino del tomate begomovirus
Chino del tomate bigeminivirus
Okra yellow mottle Iguala virus
Tomato leaf crumple begomovirus
Tomato leaf crumple virus

Kingdom Viruses and viroids ( 1VIRUK )
Category Monodnaviria ( 1MONVD )
Category Shotokuvirae ( 1SHOTA )
Phylum Cressdnaviricota ( 1CREVP )
Class Repensiviricetes ( 1REPVC )
Order Geplafuvirales ( 1GEPVO )
Family Geminiviridae ( 1GEMIF )
Genus Begomovirus ( 1BEGOG )
Species Chino del tomate virus ( TLCRV0 )