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Macrophomina phaseolina(MCPHPH)


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Basic information
  • EPPO code: MCPHPH
  • Preferred name: Macrophomina phaseolina
  • Authority: (Tassi) Goidanich

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Botryodiplodia phaseoli (Maublanc) Thirumalachar
Dothiorella cajani Sydow & Butler
Dothiorella phaseoli (Maublanc) Petrák & Sydow
Macrophoma cajani Sydow & Butler
Macrophoma corchori Sawada
Macrophoma phaseolina Tassi
Macrophoma sesami Sawada
Macrophomina phaseoli (Maublanc) S.Ashby
Macrophomina philippinensis Petrák
Rhizoctonia bataticola (Taubenhaus) E.J.Butler
Rhizoctonia lamellifera Small
Sclerotium bataticola Taubenhaus

Common names
Name Language
Schwarzfäule: Sojabohne German
Stengelfäule: Bohne German
Stengelfäule: Erdnuß German
Stengelfäule: Mais German
Stengelfäule: Sorghumhirse German
ashy stem blight of bean English
ashy stem blight of maize English
black root rot of conifers English
charcoal rot of maize English
charcoal rot of sorghum English
charcoal rot of soybean English
charcoal rot of sunflower English
charcoal rot of tobacco English
damping-off of cotton English
root rot of cotton English
seedling blight English
stalk rot of maize English
podredumbre del tallo Spanish
chancre à sclérotes de la tige du haricot French
pourriture charbonneuse du haricot French
pourriture charbonneuse du maïs French
pourriture charbonneuse du soja French
pourriture noire des racines des semis de pin French
Kingdom Fungi ( 1FUNGK )
Phylum Ascomycota ( 1ASCOP )
Subphylum Pezizomycotina ( 1PEZIQ )
Class Dothideomycetes ( 1DOTHC )
Order Botryosphaeriales ( 1BOTSO )
Family Botryosphaeriaceae ( 1BOTSF )
Genus Macrophomina ( 1MCPHG )
Species Macrophomina phaseolina ( MCPHPH )