A database to support plant pest diagnostic activities



Please feel free to contact the curators (contact information on the Q-bank fungal main page) if you want to contribute data to the database. Click on this sentence to obtain the guidelines / minimum requirements for contributions. 


The following institutes contributed to the Q-bank Fungi database:

NAK TuinbouwWesterdijk Fungal Biodiversity InstituteNetherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety AuthorityPRIFERA

Q-bank Fungi is grateful for the time, effort and data the following persons contributed and which represent the bulk of the data in the database:

  • Ceratocystis and Monilinia: Peter Bonants, Els Verstappen en Annette Dullemans (PRI, Wageningen, Netherlands)
  • Colletotrichum: Ulrike Damm and Joyce Woudenberg (CBS-KNAW, Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Mycosphaerella and its anamorphs: William Quaedvlieg, Pedro Crous and Ewald Groenewald (CBS-KNAW, Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • MelampsoraPucciniaThecaphora and Verticillium: James Woodhall and Neil Boonham (The Food and Environment Research Agency, United Kingdom); Willmer Pérez Barrera and Soledad Gamboa (International Potato Centre, Peru)
  • Phoma and Phoma-like genera: Maikel Aveskamp, Joyce Woudenberg and Pedro Crous (CBS-KNAW, Utrecht, Netherlands); Hans de Gruyter (Plant Protection Service/National Reference Centre, Wageningen, Netherlands)
  • Phytophthora: Henk Brouwer and Arthur de Cock (CBS-KNAW, Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Stenocarpella: Sandra Lamprecht (ARC, Stellenbosch, South Africa), Pedro Crous and Ewald Groenewald (CBS-KNAW, Utrecht, Netherlands)

The following persons/institutes contributed specimen(s) and/or DNA to the Q-bank Fungi database:

Dr. Panaghiotis (Panos) Tsopelas, NAGREF- Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems, Athens, Greece 

Dr. James Cunnington, Dept. of Primary Industries, Knoxfield, Australia 

Dr. Sandra Lamprecht, Soilborne Plant Diseases Unit, Agricultural Research Council, Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Dr. Renaud IOOS, Anses, Plant Health Laboratory (LSV) Mycology unit, Malzéville, France 

Prof. Michael J. Wingfield, FABI, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa 

Prof. Jared LeBoldus, North Dakota State University Fargo, USA 

Dr. Audrius Kańćergius, Nature Research Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania